Our mission is to align the efforts of public, private and non-profit organizations to better support military members, veterans and their families.

Our Vision: To be the strategic lead for veteran services in Military City, USA


MVCC's focus is on operationalizing collaboration by applying data-driven analysis and procedural rigor in order to produce tangible, measurable results of improvement. MVCC has adapted the principles of collective impact as the basis for its business model:

  • Establishing a common agenda: a shared vision of change with a common understanding of issues and a joint approach to action
  • Shared measurement: agreement on ways to measure and report success
  • Reinforcing activities: activities that are integrated into a plan of action and support to the veteran community
  • Continuous communications: interactions that build trust and promote collaboration
  • Systemized networks: expanding beyond simply a collection of like-minded individuals to grow a true relational network with established operational processes and relations that cross agency boundaries
  • Community-driven solutions: a focus on bottom-up, stakeholder-generated identification of priority problems and solution initiatives
  • Backbone support: providing infrastructure for facilitation, communications, data collection, logistics, and administration in order to support the activities of the collaborative network while leaving direct service organizations free to focus on delivering support to their clients

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MVCC is a Texas-registered, IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation (EIN 47-2853046). All donations are fully tax deductible.